Skinsations – PhytoSoothe™ Liquid Crystal Irritation Relief


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Features & Benefits:
• Relief for irritated skin
• Relieves inflammation and redness
• Improves skin barrier functions
• Restores healthy looking skin
• PhytoBotanica™ combats and neutralizes free radicals
• No Cortisone or Hydrocortisone
• Ideal for post therapy & sensitive skin
• Paraben, Sulphate and Oil Free

Our unique solution to sensitive or irritated skin. A liquid crystal emulsion treatment that helps relieve, calm and soothe irritated skin. PhytoSoothe™ botanical blend, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Out of stock

Features and Benefits

PhytoSoothe™ Liquid Crystal Irritation Relief acts as a soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant that calms and soothes irritated skin and increases cell respiration while moisturizing and improving skin barrier functions. Formulated with an innovative tri-peptide linked to a lipid for optimal dermal penetration. Designed to prevent and reverse the signs of neurogenic inflammation. PhytoSoothe™ our exclusive and highly effective proprietary botanical complex containing oat amino acids enriched with minerals is formulated to improve cutaneous moisturization.

PhytoBotanica™ antioxidant blend protects skin cells from oxidative damage and has the capability of reducing skin’s “puffiness” and inflammation. Helps keep skin looking in peak condition and wards off the visible signs of aging by allowing the skin to easily adapt to internal and external stressors.


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